Keeping our children safe online

? Be App and Game Aware ?

Worried about Fortnite? Heard of Catfishing? Want to know what questions to be asking your kids when they’re online? Have a look at these brilliant posters below.

Great information from @nationalsafetyonline about the most popular apps and games. We particularly love the questions to strike up a conversation about online safety. Be aware and be proactive ???

Visit to download these posters ?



A great  search engine for young children to use is

Do you know what you are entitled to - 30 hours? Universal Credit & much more! Check out the link below to see... 

Click on the above image to take you to our "Online Safety" page within our "Parent Section" for ways to keep your children safe while using phones, tablets, PC's, games consoles etc... Or click on the beow link to take you diretly to the National Online Safety website:


This website offers guidance to parents for the most common games and applications your children will encounter and what you should all look out for.

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