Located in the spacious Pamber Heath Village Hall  and is nestled in a picturesque heathland setting, with its own outside play area and outdoor classroom. It accommodates children daily in a large hall, with freeflow to secure outdoor play.

Impstone Preschool originated from a house in Impstone Road in the late 1970's, early 80's, moving to Pamber Heath Memorial Hall in the early 90's.

Over the years the preschool has grown from a small setting, to the large preschool it is today, with a vast envrionment both inside and out.

Impstone's biggest selling point is the amazing outdoor space and classroom  on offer, which highly reflects the outstanding indoor environment available too.


We are Ofsted Registered - 507838


Located in the historic village of Silchester, Cherry Trees accommodates children in Silchester Village Hall. As well as having freeflow access to the garden, we benefit from having our very own allotment plot. We enjoy the local area and are frequent visitors to Silchester Playground, Pamber Heath Forest and areas of the Englefield Estate.


Originating from Cherry Tree Cottage on Silchester Common, the preschool has been a fixture of village life for a number of years. Working in partnership with our families, we provide a learning environment which reflects the needs and interests of our children.


We are Ofsted Registered - 2537798


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This website offers guidance to parents for the most common games and applications your children will encounter and what you should all look out for.

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