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Hampshire’s Children’s Centres are based around your community to help you and your family by providing advice and support as well as some fun activities for you to enjoy with your children.


Please see the link below which will take you to their website detailing full info on what they have on offer.




Also below is the link to a registration form (if you haven’t already completed one upon registration with us!) which if you complete and send to them, they will keep you informed of activities you and your family may be interested in.  (We will be more than happy to help you complete them if you have any concerns or if you are unable to print one – we also have copies at the setting too!)


The third link is a Request for Support form, which if you feel you would like some specific help in respect of anything relating to your child(ren), yourself or your personal situation, then this will get you the help you may need.  You can complete this yourself and return directly to them, or feel free to speak to a team member at the Preschool and we would be happy to guide you through it and ensure you are getting the support you may need.

Do you know what you are entitled to - 30 hours? Universal Credit & much more! Check out the link below to see... 

Click on the above image to take you to our "Online Safety" page within our "Parent Section" for ways to keep your children safe while using phones, tablets, PC's, games consoles etc... Or click on the beow link to take you diretly to the National Online Safety website:




This website offers guidance to parents for the most common games and applications your children will encounter and what you should all look out for.

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